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WPCD DJ Leah Bice
Leah Bice
Born and raised right here in Central Illinois, Leah Jean is the host of Fearless Fridays right here on WPCD. Leah is a communications major at Parkland, and is also a recording artist with Perimeter Road Sound Recordings. Some of her greatest loves include sweet tea, her family, Alive College Ministry, her best friends, and encouraging others. She hopes that her show, Fearless Fridays, will be a place where people can be inspired to dream big and own who they are. You can catch Leah Jean on WPCD from 10am-noon on Fridays!
WPCD DJ Angie Bigham
Angela Bigham
Hi, my name is Angela Bigham. I am currently taking Com 142 here at Parkland Community College. I look forward to taking advantage of my time on the radio station here on WPCD 88-7 and furthering my career in radio as well as some TV experience after that. I also enjoy working with instructors Adam and Deane; I couldn't ask for a better duo . I am currently on the radio here at Parkland on Fridays from 12 to 2 pm, so join me on the Angie show.
WPCD DJ Ryan Birch
Ryan Birch
My name is Ryan Birch. I'm a Communications major here at Parkland. My show is "1st and 10" every Tuesday from 2-4! The show is centered around sports just like I am. I'm extremely excited to share my thoughts with you this semester and hope you all listen!
WPCD DJ Scott Chambers
Scott Chambers
Who's that with the beautiful, soulful voice on WPCD? It is none other than Scott Chambers, aka Tony Two-Coats, brings his wisdom and amazing voice to the airwaves every Thursday morning 8 to 10. He is a transfer student in his second semester at Parkland. He hopes to pursue a career in radio and/or voice-over work. He loves interacting with guests using incredibly witty banter with a touch of prince charming. When he is on the airwaves, don't touch that dial!

And if you are into geek culture, Scott allows his show to be the vehicle for the "Geekin' with Geiken" show, at 8:30 am on Thursdays, where they talk all things Geeky!

WPCD DJ Katie Clawsome
Katie Clawson
Hello! I'm Katie "The Claw" Clawson and I host on Wednesdays from 4 to 6 p.m. "Sometimes you don't ask questions if you don't want to know the answers." - my mom.
WPCD DJ Zach  Coffin
Zach Coffin
After completing his Associates degree here at Parkland, Zach hopes to transfer to a 4 year institution to continue pursuing his goal of becoming a radio broadcaster. Zach started The Zach-Attack Hour last year during his first semester at Parkland and when he isn't reinventing alternative on WPCD or doing school work, he's either playing bass with his band, playing video games, or rocking out like there's no tomorrow.
WPCD DJ Courtez Dixon
Courtez Dixon
My name is Courtez and this is my second semester as a DJ on WPCD. I am a engineering science major and I am also a member of the Parkland College Men's Basketball team. On my show this semester I will be focusing on the success of Parkland College sports teams and let the listener know of our successes!. Catch my show every Sunday morning from 10 am to 12 pm.
WPCD DJ Elizabeth Eichstedt
Elizabeth Eichstedt
Also known as E2, Elizabeth Eichstedt can be heard on WPCD on Fridays 4-6 pm for her show TGIF and on Sundays from 4-6 pm with her friends on Sunday Amigos. She would also like to remind you to keep your arms and legs inside the vehicle at all times, and don't eat sugar-free gummy bears.
WPCD DJ Ben Johnston
Ben Johnston
Ben Johnston is probably one of the biggest nerds you’ll ever see, even though his performances on The Traffic Jam on Tuesday and Thursday from 4-6 PM, along with Rapid Talk Radio on Saturdays from 8-10 PM, would say otherwise.  Ben is known for his attempt at humor, even though he rarely succeeds at the joke.  That mild roadblock out of the way, he is very carefree and can often be seen playing a huge array of games.  After college, Ben plans on going into the broadcasting industry, whether it’s TV or Radio.

WPCD DJ Jeff Johnson
Jeff Johnson
Hey guys, my name is Jeff Johnson and i'm a Communications Major here at Parkland. I plan on graduating from here in the Spring of 2017 and transferring to ISU as a Mass Communication major. I host a radio show every Tuesday from 12-2 here on WPCD called the Lunch Rush, where i'm known for my random thoughts and questionable music choices. Be sure to tune in!
WPCD DJ Jake Kiser
Jake Kiser
Hi! I'm Jake Kiser. I was born and raised in Champaign county, amongst all the corn crops and farmland, and I have always had a passion for music and audio. Beyond that, I¹m not that good on writing about myself. I¹m generally very quiet unless you get to know me; then I¹m not bad to be around. I might crack the occasional joke or pun.
WPCD DJ Blake Landa
Blake Landa
My name is Blake Landa and I am originally from the northwest suburbs of Chicago. I host a morning show on Monday's from 8 a.m.- 10 a.m. called the Wake and Blake Show. After I leave Parkland I hope to be working at a radio station as a career. You can find me at Canopy Club for live shows as well as Chicago and St. Louis, and some people have called me fun to be around, but it really wasn't that many.
WPCD DJ El Rey Meister
El Rey Meister
A multicultural guy known as El Rey Meister. He is trying to be happy knowing that the sky and the winter are his limits. He previously hosted El Morning Deportivo. He dreams of producing several shows thaat will bring happiness and laughs to people and to comment on Futbol (soccer) games. He is outgoing and was born in the beautiful city of Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of The Congo.
WPCD DJ Joel Middleton
Joel Middleton
Joel Middleton is my name and living life is my game. I'm Tuscola raised and go unfazed. Communication is my degree, and I can be heard, but not always seen. I host Monday Mayhem here at WPCD, every Monday from 12-2.
WPCD DJ Aleah Nickelson
Aleah Nickelson
Hey everyone! My name is Aleah Nickelson and I'm a communications major here at Parkland. After my time here I plan on transferring to a four year college. I host the Thursday shift from 10-12 here at WPCD so join me then!
WPCD DJ Robert Ottney
Robert Ottney
Hi everyone! I’m Robert Ottney, one of your DJs here at 88.7 WPCD FM, and I love it! Originally, I came to Parkland College to pursue a degree in Automotive Technology, but after a year of listening to the college radio station, I decided to switch paths to Broadcast Announcing and immediately fell in love with it. I hope to gain an internship at a local radio station in 2017 so that I may expand my work experience in the radio industry. My dream job is recording advertisements and spots to be used on-air (or being a rockstar in a band, but let's be realistic haha). I plan to keep my show on WPCD for as long as I’m taking classes at Parkland College and I look forward to playing your suggested tracks on-air. So, give the station a call during my show every Friday from 2-4pm! I’ll be glad you did!
WPCD DJ Austen Pontius
Austen Pontius
Welcome to WPCD! My name is Austen Pontious. I’m majoring in communications here at Parkland and I love radio broadcasting and DJ-ing for our listeners. I plan on staying in radio as a career and I’m excited to play and listen to some awesome music!
WPCD DJ Chuck Snell
Chuck Snell
Charles “Chuck” Snell started his radio career in the fall of 2015 here on 88.7 WPCD. He is planning on transferring to the U of I soon in order to get his Bachelor’s in Communications to help expand his passion. He currently hosts the Mystery Box Hour on Friday’s at noon, where he gives facts and news about rock and alternative music from all generations and “sneaks” some of that music in to put the “learn” in “listen, learn and live on WPCD.” When he isn’t on the station, he enjoys spending his time playing video games, drawing and listening to the old-school rock and roll music that he wants to show the world.
WPCD DJ Tim Wilson
Tim Wilson
Tim Wilson is a Digital Media major at Parkland College and a HUGE NERD. He is Vice President of the Board Game Club, and hosts his own show on WPCD on Saturdays from 10:00 AM to noon, as well as joining the Sunday Amigos on Sundays from 4:00 to 6:00. He can probably be convinced to talk about his latest character idea and game.