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WPCD DJ Ramy Akram-Ahmed
Ramy Akram-Ahmed
You’re listening to the Dyslexic DJ on Wednesdays, 8-10pm. My passion for music and comedy makes for an entertaining show. I’m originally from Champaign but have lived all over including Vienna, Austria! That said, I love a large variety of music that hails from all over so listening to my show you’ll never know what you’ll get. Most importantly I promote a caring and peaceful lifestyle, cuz life is just too much fun to be angry!
WPCD DJ Nathan Burge
Nathan Burge
Hi I'm Nathan and I am a Com 142 student. My radio show is focused on being the loudest, most punk rock, and most radical show that you'll ever find on the air waves. My show is on Tuesdays from 1-3 pm. Be there or be square!
WPCD DJ Jonah Christman
Jonah Christman
My name is Jonah Christman. I’m currently majoring in Broadcast Technology and being a DJ at 88.7 has been the best thing about my career at parkland so far. I grew up in a small town outside of Champaign, and music has always been a huge part of my daily life. I love almost all genres of music and being able to share it with others has been an amazing experience! You can hear me every Sunday night from 8-5 p.m. where I talk about my love (almost an addiction) for movies during my show, Sunday Night Cinema.
WPCD DJ Zach Coffin
Zach Coffin
Hey everyone, my name is Zach Coffin, and I am the host of "The Zach-Attak Hour" here on 88.7 WPCD. This has been one of my favorite things to do at Parkland College since I started in 2014, and I hope you all enjoy listening to "The Zach-Attak Hour" on Fridays from 10am to noon here on 88.7 WPCD FM, Reinventing Alternative.
WPCD DJ Larry Holmes
Larry Holmes
HI, my name is Larry Holmes. I'm originally from Louisiana. I have been living in the Champaign, Urbana area for a little over a year. I have a degree in computer science, but film productions is my passion. I am attending Parkland for media production. My ultimate goal is to become a film directer and make Hollywood movies. I have always wanted to do something in the film industry, since I was a kid. Having the opportunity to work on the Hollywood film OldBoy in 2013 (directed by Spike) made me focus on media and directing.
WPCD DJ Gideon Kerber
Gideon Kerber
It's-a-me! Not Mario. Sorry to get your hopes up. Some of you know me as Gideon Kerber, and the rest of you probably don't know me at all. But on my show, I'm known as "DOSBox" (effective now). A little bit about myself for those of you wondering and those of you who didn't ask: I'm a Media Arts & Production major here at Parkland, and aspiring voice talent. I consider myself to be a smarmy know-it-all in reality, but in virtuality, that's the norm. I have shelves full of various video games, and the only thing they instill in me besides undeniable remorse is pure joy, and I think I should share some of that joy with the world (but only some). I also cried at the end of Toy Story 3. Tune into my show, "Cartridge Tilting" every Wednesday from 3-5pm, where you can enjoy listening to my aimless rambling about the world of games and other things that suit my fancy. I don't ask that you see everything eye-to-eye with me. I only ask that you understand that your differing opinion is wrong. As the late G.K. Chesterton once said, "I'm pretty cool."
WPCD DJ Ryan McDavitt
Ryan McDavitt
Hey, my name is Ryan and this is my 2nd year here at Parkland. I'm currently majoring in Media Communications and am planning on transferring to either the University of Illinois or Illinois State University for a degree in Arts Technology. You can listen to me talk about the music I've been listening to and giving my opinions about it Tuesdays from 3-5pm on 88.7.
WPCD DJ Gayle McDonald
Gayle McDonald
What’s up, guys? Really! I want to know! My name is Gayle McDonald and I’d love to hear from you on Wednesday mornings from 8am-10am on my show, Common Ground. My life has included everything from riding a camel through an Egyptian desert to flying a small plane over Southern California, all done while learning about different kinds of people. My absolute favorite thing in life is music and I want to play YOUR favorite songs while sharing how much we all have in common. Be sure to tune in for positive ways we can all find Common Ground.
WPCD DJ El Rey Meister
El Rey Meister
A new generation show that is hosted by El Rey Meister and his mates. From the latest movies coming out to sports games results, tune in and join the most amazing, entertaining show of Champaign – Urbana and Central Illinois areas. (In our humble opinion.) Don’t take our words for granted, tune in on Wednesdays from 1-3 PM and make your own idea. Our promise: making you relax and feel refreshed after your journey of the day. And give us a call at 217 373-3790 so you can participate on the show and be part of our family.
WPCD DJ Joel Middleton
Joel Middleton
I'm Joel Middleton and I’m hosting my show on Thursdays from 10-noon. Currently, this is my 4th semester as a DJ at WPCD. I'm a Communications Major here at Parkland, and hope to do something with broadcasting or music after completing my degree. I'll listen to almost every kind of music and enjoy helping others. I'm also still waiting on those lemons life was supposed to give me!
WPCD DJ Austen Pontious
Austen Pontious
Hey everyone! My name is Austen with the Monday Mix every Monday from 12 p.m.-2 p.m! I've spent a lot of time with WPCD through a few different shows and have a great time with everyone here. Tune in and hear all your favorite jams along with an accompanying newscast, some entertainment here and there, a dash of the paranormal, and who could forget some interesting guests that'll range from aspiring musicians to comedic clowns. I look forward to providing you with some great times on our station and always feel free to call in and request!
WPCD DJ Kathy Reiser
Kathy Reiser
I guess I could be described as this semester’s boomerang DJ at WPCD. I took the Intro to Broadcasting course so long ago that current station manager Deane Geiken was one of my classmates! I just retired after 35 years at the University of Illinois and decided to celebrate my “rewirement” by taking COM 142 and a few other classes … with an eye toward maybe getting back into radio on a part-time basis. As a naturalized townie, I love local history and I think the learning opportunities we have here at Parkland are nothing short of amazing. If you’d like to hear more about them, join me on “The 505,” every Wednesday afternoon from 3 to 5.
WPCD DJ Kitty Senpai
Kitty Senpai
Hello People! I am Kitty Senpai, host of Anime Corner every Tuesday from 10-12pm. I have loved anime since I was 4 years old when my brother introduced me to Pokemon! I am currently a media productions major. I hope to one day make my own MEPS and comics. On my show I try my best to talk about all genres of Anime and I commonly bring friends on to help me analyze shows.
WPCD DJ Kevin Shear
Kevin Shear
Hello! My name is Kevin Shear. I live in Rantoul. I am studying to become a minister of the Gospel. I am the host of the Monday Variety Show! Tune in every Monday afternoon from 3 to 5 on 887 WPCD, where you will here a variety of things and music! You don’t want to miss the Monday Variety Show, because we will be having a whole lot of FUN!
WPCD DJ Chuck Snell
Chuck Snell
Charles “Chuck” Snell started his radio career in the fall of 2015 here on 88.7 WPCD. He is planning on transferring to the U of I soon in order to get his Bachelor’s in Communications and to help expand his passion. He currently hosts the "Mystery Box Hour" on Tuesday evenings from 6-8pm, where he gives facts and news about rock and alternative music from all generations and sneaks some of that music in to put the “learn” in “listen, learn and live on WPCD.” When he isn’t on the station, he enjoys spending his time playing video games, drawing and listening to the old-school rock and roll music that he wants to show the world.
WPCD DJ Colton Warnes
Colton Warnes
Hi I'm Colton Warnes in my first full year at Parkland College, I am studying Communications specifically radio broadcasting. My dream goal would be to cover college football for ESPNU and be the next Keith Jackson. My passions outside of radio include fishing, hunting, and watching Unity Rocket football.
WPCD DJ Doug Woodward
Doug Woodward
Hello everyone! I'm Doug Woodward and I am the host of the Daily Dose of Doug. A little bit about myself: I love anything and everything music and sports. I'm a Communications major focused in Media Art and Production. I eventually want to become a studio engineer when it's all said and done. So I hope you learned something about me and if you wanna learn more catch me Friday mornings from 8am-10am, right here on 88.7 WPCD.