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About 88.7 WPCD FM

Aron Ammann
Aron Ammann is a Virgo who likes long walks on the beach and spending time in the kitchen whipping up culinary masterpieces. He also enjoys spending time on 88.7 WPCD as the co-host of "The Mid-Morning Mess" alongside Chad Myler. Aron stumbled upon the COM 141 class as an elective for his program of study and found that he really enjoyed the art of radio. Aron is an Iraq Veteran and has also found his time on the air to be a very therapeutic experience.

Peter Cowley
I started The Cow Hours at WPCD in the spring of 2014 for one of my classes at Parkland and I enjoyed being a part of something people could listen to for entertainment. So, when the semester was over and I found out that I could continue, I couldn't resist.

Michelle Follmer
Michelle Follmer is a Communication major at Eastern Illinois University and recent alum of Parkland College. She hopes to pursue a career in radio and loves the experience she gets through WPCD. Good music, traveling and her dog are some of her favorite things.

Daniel Munoz
I'm just a city boy enjoying the wonderful life of Central Illinois. I lived all my life in Chicago, but Champaign-Urbana is hands down is way better because of all the rich culture. I'm trying to be the big fish in the small pond. I have found at my time at WPCD that this station has the most awesome listening audience.

Chad Myler
Chad is currently pursuing an A.A.S degree in Entertainment Technology at Parkland. He has been performing in area theater with Kathryn Randolph Theater, Red Mask Players, Danville Light Opera and Rantoul Theater group for the past decade. He took the COM 141 class and found the production side challenging. He enjoys acoustic guitar and long walks off short piers. Chad has enjoyed co-hosting the Mid Morning Mess Show with Aron Amman.

Stacey Osterbur
My name is Stacy Osterbur. I'm a Communication major here at Parkland. My hobbies include growing a beard, eating too much and playing guitar too loud. I really enjoy working at WPCD because I get to learn and work with awesome people while getting to hear great new music first.